“…Robin’s presence is consistently cheerful, attentive and can-do. He is easy to work with because of his realistic assessments of tasks, his proactive approach to getting information and organizing himself, and in particular his outstanding communication skills. In a fast-moving and early-stage environment, Robin is skilled at bringing order and getting things done expertly with a minimum of direction.

Robin would be an outstanding addition to any professional staff, and we recommend him without reservation.”

- Nathan Otto and Amber Lupton
Executive Strategic Officer and CEO/Founder – Entrepreneurs, authors, activists
DharmaMix and Give Peace A Deadline (P:5Y)


“…Robin was instrumental in taking the organization to where it is today. Some of Robin’s strengths are:
consistency, responsibility, flexibility, organization and management. I can always depend on
him to mediate when internal conflicts arise. He is also very good at creating efficient systems
while maintaining attention to detail. However, what I most appreciate about Robin is his attitude. He’s good natured, sincere and pleasant to work with.

I highly recommend Robin for any position in need of his areas of expertise. He will be a great
asset to any organization he chooses to work for.”

- Barry Johnson
President / CEO
Advantus Medical International


“Robin did a fantastic job helping me with the set up of my company.
When I was overwhelmed and behind schedule, I brought Robin in to help
me with some areas that I was unsure about or didn't really want to
do. My only regret is not calling him sooner! He was knowledgeable,
efficient, and a calming presence. He took care of everything that
needed to be done and did it in a fraction of the time it would have
taken me. I believe Robin would be an enormous asset to any company,
especially in the crucial early stages.”

Thom Flowers
Standard Audio,